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Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center

The Leadership Institute currently offers the following classes through the Online Learning Center so that members can train their sales staff without costly travel expenses. These self directed programs can be completed from your office during normal business hours or from any location, at any time.

Classes Currently Available:

  • TLI-104 Opening a Sales Dialogue
  • TLI-106 Effective Questioning
  • TLI-105 Communicating Through Listening
  • TLI-107 Making Recommendations Using Features & Benefits
  • TLI-103 Answering the Classic Sales Objections
  • TLI-101 Closing the Sale
  • TLI-108 Four Essentials of an Effective Advertising Campaign

These classes are ordered in the natural progression of a sales call and should be taken in that sequence if at all possible. Once a member has obtained 15 credits and passed the comprehensive exam offered annually at the AFCP Conference and Trade Show, individuals are awarded their certification as an Associate Advertising Executive.

You can go to the Online Learning Center now and register to take either or both TLI-104 and/or TLI-106, the first two classes in the sequence. Once you are registered and the AFCP member status of your company is verified, you may contact the AFCP office for an enrollment key necessary to access the rest of the courses that are available through the Online Learning Center.

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