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TLI Certification

Associate Advertising Executive Certification (AAE)

Professional certification by AFCP recognizes the highly professional work and professional growth by free paper associates. Free Paper professionals must be knowledgeable in all aspects of media and marketing and are subjected to rigorous exams and continuing education requirements.

Member’s class credits are recorded and maintained in the AFCP database for every TLI participant. Once a member has completed a prescribed number of credits in the classroom or from the Online Learning Center, they are eligible to take the comprehensive exam at the annual conference. When a member has completed the following requirements, the AFCP Board of Directors will confer upon that member the designation of Certified Associate Advertising Executive and the member will be invited to participate at the graduation ceremony conducted at the next annual conference.

Associate Advertising Executive Requirements:

  • 15 Unduplicated TLI Class Credits
  • Passed the Comprehensive AAE Exam
  • Completed at least two years on-the-job experience in the advertising industry

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