The Largest and Best association in the free Publication industry.

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Advertising Distribution Services (ADS) is the largest and most efficient advertising network in the country.

Publishers from across the country have banded together to provide advertisers with the largest classified network available with "one order, one buy" convenience.

Advantages for Advertisers

For more than 25 years, ADS has provided the most efficient, most effective one-stop advertising buy for advertisers. ADS reaches more than one of four homes in the United States allowing you to broadcast your message all over the country with only one insertion order. Put your time into running your business and let ADS bring new potential customers to your doorstep.

Advantages for Publishers

Benefits for participating ADS Publications include:

  • National classified revenues that would likely never be earned elsewhere.
  • Additional content for multiple classified categories
  • Substantial commissions through selling ADS Network ads.
  • Reduced ACP dues.
  • Reduced registration to ACP's annual conference for as many attendees as you want to bring.
  • Reduced group rates on conference hotel rooms, reducing your attendance costs so you can bring more staff.
  • Rebate checks to offset your costs.


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