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NANI is Your One-Stop Shop to Reach the Entire Country

For more than 25 years, the NANI Network has provided the most efficient, most effective one-stop advertising buy for advertisers. NANI reaches over 9 million homes across the United States allowing you to broadcast your message all over the country with only one insertion order. Put your time into running your business and let NANI bring new potential customers to your doorstep.

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Who Reads NANI?
Did you know that 61% of NANI readers have attended college? Did you now that more than half of all NANI readers have an income over $50,000 per year?
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Why is NANI Successful?
Circulation of NANI publications is verified.

NANI is successful because publication of your ad is verified. Nearly all NANI publications have circulation audits performed by professional circulation audit companies. You can rely on these independent companies to assure that the circulation being quoted is being distributed to readers.

NANI publishers are required to submit tearsheets semi-annually on a randomly selected date to verify that they are publishing the ads as ordered in the network. The AFCP staff verifies each ad from our test week. If even one ad is not published, the member does not receive their rebate for any of the ads published during the entire six-month audit period. That may seem like a hefty penalty but it assures that our members are running every ad, every week.

You can be assured your ad is running!

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