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ADS 2X2 Display Ad Network

Publisher Overview

The ADS 2x2 Display Ad Network offers a 2x2 display ad (2 column by 2 inches) to run every week in participating member publications. The circulation for the ADS Display Network is over 7 million. By members donating 2x2 ad space in their publication(s) it helps to ensure the continued affordable availability of several member benefits such as Annual Conferences and Trade Shows, circulation audits, ADS Participation Rebates, Sales and Revenue Opportunities, The Leadership Institute, INK Magazine, Awards Competitions, Digital Toolbox and all of your other ACP Member Benefits. 

In addition to reducing the cost of membership, member publications are the sole selling agents for the ADS 2x2 Display Network and the sales opportunities are endless.

ADS is Your One-Stop Shop to Reach the Entire Country

The ADS Network has provided the most efficient, most effective one-stop advertising buy for advertisers. ADS reaches over 7 million homes across the United States allowing you to broadcast your message all over the country with only one insertion order. Put your time into running your business and let ADS bring new potential customers to your doorstep.

Weekly Display Ads

Select the link below and click on it. This will take you to the appropriate version as we are including both the color and black & white copies to suit your needs for that particular week's ADS Display ads.

Click the links below for the order form and circulation:

ADS 2x2 Network Insertion Order

Ads 2x2 Network Circulation

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