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NANI Participation Audits

In order to ensure the integrity of the NANI Network’s advertising program, the NANI team audits the participating publications on a semi-annual basis. Dates for the audit are selected at random and publishers are required to document the successful running of the NANI ads for that date with tearsheets and substantiate their circulation via independent circulation audit or postal documentation.

AFCP sends participating publications a complete audit request packet every six months. We maintain very strict audit standards, which are required by our advertisers, so please follow the instructions carefully. Specific instructions and dates are detailed in each individual audit request package that is sent. Below are a few general rules for you to follow to ensure you are auditing correctly and potentially receiving your rebate.

Participation Audit Outline:

  1. An audit request is issued once every six months.
  2. Pay close attention to the audit requirements and deadlines. The audit will include detailed instructions, a cover sheet, and the requested NANI ad list attached. (We indicate which date the ad list was originally transmitted for your convenience)
  3. Highlight or circle each ad on the tearsheet.
  4. Indicate the page number where the ad was published next to the ad in the margin of the ad list.
  5. Complete the cover sheet
  6. If necessary, include a letter explaining any ads that were not run.
  7. Send the audit cover sheet, the ad list, the tearsheets and letters (if applicable) to the address indicated on the audit request. It is best to send the entire package utilizing any shipping service where you can track delivery of the package.

All of these requirements must be met to process your potential rebate check.

Following are the audit requests for the current period. You can download the audit requests by clicking on the appropriate link.

Audits Weeklies 

Audits Monthlies

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